Helping Clients Build or Renovate Their Homes

Years of engaging architects to work on our own developments of varied architectural styles distinguish us from most builders. Our broad experience gives us a valuable perspective that we share with our clients as we help them crystallize their objectives for a new or updated home.  We offer all of our services in lower Westchester County, Southern Connecticut and the Hamptons.

We are open to multiple types of arrangements with our clients. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the relationship you would like to pursue. Among those that clients’ frequently select are:


Design and Build a Custom New Home

We never lose sight of what is expected of us:  combine the best design ideas, materials and workmanship that fall within your budget and build the home you want, on schedule.

The first essential step requires that we develop a deep understanding of your needs and goals. Insights gained will impact large and small design and building decisions from the beginning to the end of a project.

Traditional, modern or other unique style of your preference, CADCO’s expert craftsmanship and network of time-tested subcontractors will ensure that your home’s construction is executed with impeccable quality and in a timely manner.  We welcome clients who, as we do, enjoy the process, and want to be involved on a regular basis; we are also prepared to execute and minimize a client’s time committed to a project if that is your preference.


Renovating Your Current or Future Home

Renovations are often more challenging; they also very rewarding.  Owners committed to their current location, or wanting to renovate an older home just purchased emerge with updated and expanded homes in the neighborhood where they feel most affinity.

We bring a perspective gained from working for our own account with many architects, styles and renovation challenges and will help you understand early on how to make the inevitable trade-offs that will be required. We strive to bring about the optimum outcome, for you investment budget.  As with new construction, the crucial first step is for us to develop a deep understanding of your priorities and preferences, as well as constraints imposed by the existing structure.

Our over-riding goal with all renovations is to achieve the sensation, when the project is finished, that changes and additions were always there.


Inquire about one of our homes under construction

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