About Us

An unbending commitment to quality starts at the top and becomes contagious.
People with talent and ambition are encouraged to work outside their narrow area of specialty. This has brought us excellent results.  



Steve Dallal

Steve Dallal is the owner of Americas Capital Advisors Corp., a financial advisory and real estate development company. Cadco Corp, is its construction company subsidiary. A 25 year resident of southern Westchester county in New York, he has been developing residential real estate and building houses in the area since 2000. As a banker with Continental Bank for 11 years in Chicago, Mexico City and New York he was a construction lender, a distressed debt specialist, and a merchant banker specializing in Latin American private equity investments. He has a BA from McGill University and an MBA from Columbia University. Fluent in Spanish, he is married with three children.  



Tim Gardner

Tim’s contribution to our efforts has grown steadily over the past three years. On the Sherman project he designed, and people under his supervision installed: radiant heat infrastructure everywhere as well as the boiler and controls; the AC and fresh air system; all communications systems; the sound system. We refer to him as the guardian of all that lies behind the walls. He also has been de-facto a second, valuable, project supervisor. His background includes teaching, computer programming and software design. He has a BA from Harvard College and he has done graduate work in Computer Science at NYU. Tim runs the software development company codeHorse, Inc. which specializes in web-based databases.


Mike Feenan

Mike and his crews have done all of our framing for the past seven years. Trained as both a framer and trim carpenter he has an uncommon eye for detail. He and his people work hard, fast and solve innumerable problems early while they are still small. Mike also acts as a valuable set of eyes and ears in many areas outside of his immediate responsibility. In addition to framing, all of the trim work and kitchen/ bath cabinet installation on the Sherman project was done by Mike and his men.