Cadco Corp.

Westchester County’s premier development and building science company

Westchester County’s premier development and building science company

Cadco Corp.

Cadco Corp., Premier developer and building science adherent, delivers insights in project evaluations, a sense of elegance in design selection, superb building execution and exquisite craftsmanship. Company located in southern Westchester County, New York and operates in Westchester and Eastern Long Island markets.

Thoughtful Project Evaluation

We lean on our experience, knowledge and continuous improvement focus from project inception to completion.

Bespoke Elegant design

Our design sensitivity is fully engaged in the planning and execution of our homes.

Innovative Technologies

We are constantly innovating on the building science to bring comfort and ease of use to our clients.

Energy Efficient Design

We utilize a variety of energy and environmentally conscious materials and equipment.

Time Tested Materials and Methods

Our approach is to combine the best of traditional materials with state of the art client interphase.

Client Satisfaction

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and buyers.  We hope to always be a trusted resource for their housing needs.

Sustainable Development Approaches

At CadcoCorp we approach sustainable construction and development with a passion. We have had multiple experiences where re-using something that was “under our noses” has yielded more beauty and utility than our architects and we would have come up with on our own.

Who we are and what we do

Cadco Corp. Team

Steve Dallal

Steve Dallal is the owner of Americas Capital Advisors Corp., a financial advisory and real estate development company. Cadco Corp, is its construction company subsidiary. A 25 year resident of southern Westchester county in New York, he has been developing residential real estate and building houses in the area since 2000.

Tim Gardner

Tim’s contribution to our efforts has grown steadily over the past three years. On the Sherman project he designed, and people under his supervision installed: radiant heat infrastructure everywhere as well as the boiler and controls; the AC and fresh air system; all communications systems; the sound system. We refer to him as the guardian of all that lies behind the walls.

Mike Feenan

Mike and his crews have done all of our framing for the past seven years. Trained as both a framer and trim carpenter he has an uncommon eye for detail. He and his people work hard, fast and solve innumerable problems early while they are still small. Mike also acts as a valuable set of eyes and ears in many areas outside of his immediate responsibility.

Green Envelope

A green, uncommonly comfortable, heating, cooling and fresh air system

A division of Cadco Corp. specializing in wine cellars and wine racks and furniture